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Who We Are

Synergy Foundation (501c3) is a public charity serving individuals and communities through educational, literary and charitable endeavors. 

SynergySA, a division of Synergy Foundation, provides human development services and materials, proactive training and education, and crisis and recovery tools for those affected by life's traumas, big and small.


Special Programs

SynergySA is currently offering specialized programs on the challenges associated with pornography, sexual addiction, and related issues, as these involve a wide range of damage and even significant trauma across the lives of both youth and adults. 


  1. As a person of means, donate to this cause.
  2. As a person of character, care about the many victims who are suffering.
  3. As a person of influence, educate yourself, setting an example.
  4. As a person of courage, do not shrink from the conversation.
  5. As a person of conviction, do not shrink from the sound of your own voice.


Your individual and corporate donations are tax deductable.

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Contact Us

(210) 461-7856