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Schools. Our new program addresses the way mental health issues are dealt with for our youth. We cover, among other things, the effects of the pornography epidemic on kids, including a correlation with other issues of concern, such as bullying, self-esteem, anxiety and depression, other addictions, trauma, high risk behaviors, campus safety, sexting and suicide. Offerings include parent and student presentations, training for teachers, counselors and other staff/faculty, materials specific to athletics programs, and relevant organizational consulting for school administrators. Individuals and businesses are invited to support our young people and help strengthen future generatations by becoming a community partner today!  



Private and confidential consulting sessions for groups and individuals, including MATRIX tool administrations, are currently available in Washington, D.C. and the DMV area. Other consulting, presentations, and most other services are also availble here at local rates. We also offer assistance to other local organizations that are currently running or planning to run their own support groups. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for an appointment or more information.    

Womens FTP Group begins July 11th in NW! Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 on D St. Northwest, near Metro stations Archives (yellow and green lines) and Judiciary Square (red line), and not far from Metro station Gallery Place (red line) at Chinatown near Verizon Center. This is a practical group to support, educate, and empower women who know or suspect their partner may be viewing pornography or have other issues related to illicit sexual behavior or addiction. This is NOT a 12 step program. We use our SES protocol and course outline (Stabilization-Education-Strategy) to empower women to deal effectively with these issues and move through them successfully. (Individual appointment times may be available on either side of this meeting, for client convenience.)    



*Local rates apply on services in San Antonio and the surrounding area.   

Women’s FTP Group. Northcentral San Antonio, Thursday evenings 7:15 p.m. Support Group with a strategic educational/training component for those with a loved one (especially partner/spouse) engaging with porn or other sexually addictive behavior, past, present, or suspected. Please contact us for venue and other introductory information. Newcomers are brought up to speed and may join at any time. This is a Fly the Plane (FTP) empowerment-based group dealing with specific issues using a practical approach, not a 12 step program. While validation and comfort through personal sharing and discussion are important side effects of a good support group, this program extends far beyond a pat on the hand, to assist participants with specific understanding of practical issues involving addiction, decision-making, problem solving at critical stages, and forward progress. This group is ALWAYS supervised by a qualified expert on the tools and materials, and ALWAYS faciliated by a first-hand survivor in true, long term recovery. Wise special guests are invited upon ocassion. Operated directly by Synergy Foundation/SynergySA.  
PTSD Therapy Group, Northcentral San Antonio, Thursday evenings 6-7 p.m. Open to any person who suffers from post traumatic stress due to any type of traumatic event or situation, AND their family/friends/other members of their support network. Participants typically include military personel, victims of abuse or a loved one's addiction, those who have experienced an accident or been victims of a crime, etc. Sponsored by Synergy Foundation and supervised by a licensed therapist and PTSD specialist. Please contact us for venue and other introductory information.
Trauma Education Course, NE San Antonio, Wednesday evenings 6 -7:15 p.m. 6 week course (presentation, Q&A, discussion) begins each time we have a small group seeking the information. Covers the basics about building resilience proactively, as well as response to trauma, for those seeking self-development, those who have experienced trauma, and their loved ones. This couse DOES include an overview of the MATRIX tool during one of the weeks. Operated directly by Synergy Foundation as part of the Fly the Plane (FTP) series. Please contact us for venue and other introductory information.
PTSD Education Course, Northcentral San Antonio, Tuesday evenings 6-7 p.m. 6 week course (presentation, Q&A). Covers PTSD basics for victims (formally diagnosed or not) and their loved ones. Sponsored by Synergy Foundation and supervised by a licensed therapist, a PTSD specialist and former military PTSD sufferer. Please contact us for venue and other introductory information.


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