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Synergy Foundation is dedicated to serving as many who are in need as possible. Much of the work we do happens at a low cost or no cost to recipients, both individuals and groups, including local veterans and others suffering from post-traumatic stress, women/wives/mothers in difficult situations, and victims experiencing significant challenges through no real fault of their own. Those who want this help and have the courage to seek it, should receive it. We also try to accept all significant opportunities to create or increase public awareness, even if an organization that invites us does't currently have the funding to bring us in. Every delayed or missed opportunity means children and adults who graduate or move forward, sometimes through very dangerous situations, do so without being armed with the tools and knowledge we might have provided. We know that when we help a partner, we help an addict, too. When we help a parent, we help a child(ren), and the next generation. We know that when we address porn and sexual addiction, especially among the very young, we automatically affect all the other serious issues to which it's connected over the course of an entire lifetime. 

All of this takes money. We simply can't serve the community as needed without you!

You can:

Make a tax deductible donation today.

Invite us in for services to you.

Fund a particular service or event in the community.   

Introduce us to other individuals and organizations who might be interested in receiving our services, donating, or sponsoring a presentation.

If you are a client of our founder/director for other professional services, ask about "labor of love" plans that arrange for a percentage of fees to be invested in this cause.  

Thank you so much for your support!


Your individual and corporate donations are tax deductable.

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