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FLY THE PLANE, or FTP, is an empowerment approach designed by human development consultant and professional trainer Beverly Monestier Nikolaus. This extremely private on-line group fits into Fly the Plane's SES (Stabilization-Education-Strategy) protocol and coursework. It provides a safe, supportive environment for women who have previously experienced or are currently experiencing challenges related to pornography, sexual addiction, infidelity or other betrayal in a key relationship, especially on the part of a spouse or partner. These issues are real, and you are far from alone in experiencing them. You deserve to be respected, listened to, and taken seriously. You deserve to know that you are loved. Here you may vent, ask questions, seek advice, or just listen, and become more educated on the issues you and/or your loved ones may be facing, without fear of judgment. You may gain perspective, and learn about what has and has not helped others, and why. Some participants may feel unsure about what they were, or still are, actually dealing with. Others have struggled for years since well-known problems were first disclosed or exposed. Some are no longer in relationships with an abusive partner, or are in new relationships. Others have an ongoing relationship with an addict, who may be in some stage of recovery, or else still in active addiction. Some may be experiencing post-traumatic stress, while others are still engaged in activities that create on-going trauma. Some are feeling overwhelmed, while others are coping, and still others have moved beyond coping to actually overcoming, beyond surviving to actually thriving, enjoying a more lasting recovery and fulfilling life. We are sorry if you have experienced something harmful, but we would be very happy to have you join us here.

Participation in this group is free. Send a Facebook Friend Request to Beverly Monestier Nikolaus with a message asking to be added to the group. For your additional privacy, only members of the group will be able to see that it even exists.


 CONTRIBUTED POEM  by Markay Brown

Paper Cuts
You were eight the day the neighbor boy
led you through the weeds to a box of his dad’s
centerfolds:  jaw-dropping photos of bare
bodies draped in black lace leaning toward you
in a hideout of theft and wonder.
You rifled through stacks of slick paper,
sucked blood from your fingers
when edges sliced deep.
Heart racing, you grabbed the stash—
beat boredom, bullies, lost the low
you felt when you didn’t get math.
The box spilled out of the weeds
into the net, cutting a worldwide swath
live and interactive.  Your hooked brain
mainlined the drug through grownup eyes.
No needles needed. 
      No label warned:
      it stays in your blood
      it numbs love
      it eats hearts
Easy access on your phone, in your work cubicle,
in the room next to your sleeping children. . .
To get a fix, all you have to do
is turn it on.
Turning it off takes a lifetime.


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