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While we usually don't publically name individuals or institutions who work with us on sensitive subjects, we can share their survey feedback. Recently, 100% of parents, men and women attending an educational presentation given at their child's high school on the subject of porn and sexual addiction, reported that it was personally useful to them. Interestingly, many also reported that it was professionally useful to them!

Of approximately 100 high school teachers, counselors, coaches, and other staff and faculty who received a day of training from us on the subject of porn and sexual addction, all but three surveyed reported that it was useful to them on the job. Two of the three who didn't immediately find it professionally relevant in their positions, did report that it was useful to them in their personal life. Universal benefits!  




Paper Cuts (by Markay Brown) 

You were eight the day the neighbor boy
led you through the weeds to a box of his dad’s
centerfolds:  jaw-dropping photos of bare
bodies draped in black lace leaning toward you
in a hideout of theft and wonder.
You rifled through stacks of slick paper,
sucked blood from your fingers
when edges sliced deep.
Heart racing, you grabbed the stash—
beat boredom, bullies, lost the low
you felt when you didn’t get math.
The box spilled out of the weeds
into the net, cutting a worldwide swath
live and interactive.  Your hooked brain
mainlined the drug through grownup eyes.
No needles needed. 
      No label warned:
      it stays in your blood
      it numbs love
      it eats hearts
Easy access on your phone, in your work cubicle,
in the room next to your sleeping children. . .
To get a fix, all you have to do
is turn it on.
Turning it off takes a lifetime.


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