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     Beverly Monestier studied psychology with a biological emphasis and performed doctoral level research at the University of California, Berkeley. She was greatly influenced by her involvement with research on factors that lead to exceptional career and life achievement. She has spent the better part of three decades as an organizational consultant and human development trainer, running her own international company, and living and working in various countries. In Europe, she is certified, authorized, and subsidized by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA), having completed training in areas that include, among others, motivation and reward, which are also relevant in her addiction work today. Special interests have also included the principles that govern “Creativity” and unlocking human potential in the service of others. As a writer designing and delivering programs for children and young adults, and for being a young entrepreneur, popular San Antonio Woman magazine named her their Role Model for Youth in 2007.

     More than a decade ago, Beverly founded a federally recognized 501c3 public charity in the US, Synergy Foundation, with a broad umbrella and educational base, which has promoted peace and intercultural understanding through literary arts and intellectual exchange, promoted literacy in impoverished or underserved communities, and assisted in the recovery of all types of trauma victims and their families. Some years ago, Beverly was asked to advise and help direct programs for people who have been harmed, or whose lives are currently being destroyed by pornography, sexual addiction, and related activities. Her heart broke with the victims, whom she eventually discovered included close friends and family members. Research was performed, experts in multiple fields were brought in, relevant training and consulting tools were designed, tested, and utilized. A redirection of personal and professional resources ensued. Today, in addition to educational and preventative programs, she offers unique, proprietary, cutting edge courses and tools to assist individuals, couples, and organizations in managing related crises and combatting the damage caused by this epidemic. She also provides broader scope trauma informed training and consulting for organizations, and other trauma related services. 


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