“Aside from my private practice, as a licensed clinician, I’ve helped approx. 5000 patients over the last 4 years at a large treatment center where I work, addicts, trauma and PTSD victims (including military personnel), and a wide variety of others. I’ve always counseled people not to keep burdening the same supportive friend or family member, so as not to wear out the relationship. It’s the tools designed by Beverly Monestier that have finally given me the formula to help people go to the right resource, at the right time, for the right reason. Her work has also taught me the reasons why people’s needs are often not met by those who might seem perfectly capable of helping them. After receiving her training, and observing her work with various groups of trauma victims, I now use her tools exclusively. For example, I recently used MATRIX in a series of small groups totaling about 80 patients at our mental health facility, and without exception, every one of them liked it and found it beneficial. They’ve been asking for the book that contains these tools, so they can use them outside of our sessions.” -Former Air Force 1st Sergeant, Timothy Collingham, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


"Our students were amazed by how necessary it is to begin talking about the topics covered by Beverly. Students found her talk relevant and thought-provoking. I would recommend Beverly to any group of high school students."  -  Christopher Knoth, Campus Minister & Service Coordinator, Loyola Academy                                                                                                               (College Preparatory School, Chicago, IL) 

"I am the Young Women’s president over 12-18 year old girls in our church and I arranged for Beverly Monestier to converse with these girls on the subjects of pornography, sexual addictions and sexting. Due to the importance of these topics, I also invited the parents and leaders in our church to attend. Beverly immediately put everyone at ease with her professional, confident demeanor. She built a relationship of trust with our young women as she carefully instructed the girls on each topic. Beverly’s method of communication and knowledge of the subjects provided a positive learning environment for the girls to feel comfortable with these intimate topics, and as well they had a good back and forth exchange. I was impressed with the presentation and I personally feel that everyone was given the opportunity to learn something of value. I would recommend Beverly to teach and as well inspire other youth to learn more about this prevalent disease. - Kathleen Lowe, Church Young Women's President (12-18 year olds)

"In my 28 years of attending Pedagogical Days, yours is by far the best one we've ever had!" - Kay, High School librarian, Canada, after a full day of our training with 100 staff and faculty members on the subject of porn and sexual addiction 


“I knew these things were 'bad'; I’d had some 12 step experience for my depressed teenage son who was addicted to porn. What I didn’t understand was just how severely damaging sexual addiction is, to the person engaging in it, to a marriage, and to the spouse. It is so important that women become educated about this. Society is suffering from this epidemic, too, even our young people. I believe from the bottom of my heart that we need a lot more education and to address these things more proactively. Through your programs I learned what actually happens with an addict, how I, the wife of a life-long sex addict, got here, and what here really is. I was able to properly assess the situation I am in, and to understand what I am really dealing with. Reality still hurt like hell. The knowledge was hard to accept and assimilate. But it gave me the necessary perspective in life. If not for your lessons and tools and support, I’d still be living a lie…until it completely destroyed me.” – Ophelia W., spouse of a sex addict/mother of teenage porn addict *

RESULTS: 100% of surveyed men and women who recently attended one of our educational presentations sponsored by their child's high school, reported it to be personally useful. Interestingly, many also reported finding it useful in their professional life.


"I had a recent visit with Beverly Monestier who educated me today on the effect on spouses of living with a person with a sexual addition. She mentioned several things that I found very enlightening that will help me better understand some of my clients. She would be a good speaker at one of our luncheons." - Clarence Bray, MA in Counseling Psychology, JD, Divorce and Collaborative Family Law

"Thank you so much for helping our Wellness Program by sharing your expertise. On behalf of the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program, I sincerely appreciate your time and effort...Because you are so helpful to lawyers, TLAP would like to include you in our resource database." - Cameron Vann, Attorney, Texas Lawyers Assistance Program

Thank you so much for your presentation today. You did a great job and I see how it [the MATRIX tool] could be very useful for our clients. Thank you! - Mysti Murphy, President, Collaborative Divorce San Antonio 



“…I joined the Air Force in 1986. Three years later I would be forever bound to a tragedy so profound that I was chemically altered. I became dependent on alcohol as my identity cowered inside a pejorative shell. I retired at the rank of Alcoholic. Shame and disgrace became my identity….As the unrelenting grip of suffering tightened, all of my world was stripped, probably long before I acknowledged it. To compound that, my body began to fail. A quarter century after the initial tragedy, as part of my weekly existence, I agreed to sit in on a PTSD support group, indignant, and with the idea that it would be similar to other group structures. Not so! I was given an opportunity to legitimately ask why this happened to me. I was able to interrupt and interject with impunity. With the lessons and mental tools taught (i.e., MATRIX and matching needs, Fly the Plane empowerment, etc.), I was able to academically understand the science of my physio-psychological descent, and translate that into a philosophical blueprint to rebuild every aspect of my life.…With only 10% of my liver functioning, why do I feel more alive than ever? In a medium sauce pan, fire up your priceless tools, sprinkle in some cognitive behavioral therapy, mix in your wonderful PTSD support group, and let sit Alcohol Free for over 10 months...that's my fantastic recipe that revived my core identity. It rehabilitated my humanity and gave me authority to explore and experience the awesome emotion of altruistic encouragement once again!...To support myself and my family without compromising my core principles, I've even started my own business in honor of my three incredibly tech-savvy young sons! There is no way I could have anticipated this journey after being mired for so long in a very dark world. I constantly use the tools, notes and exercises I was fortunate to be exposed to, and am humbled by the idea that if not for accepting this help, I would not be writing this today.” - Steve G., retired military, recovered PTSD survivor after 25 years of self-medication and addiction 


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