We serve the general public, law enforcement agencies, schools, non-profits, public service and other community organizations with educational presentations and workshops related to trauma recovery, pornography and sexual addiction, and related issues. Ask us about providing a panel expert, guest speaker, or discussion group facilitator. 



We are equipped to help public and private sector organizations, including schools, with education, training, policies and procedures, and consulting that relates to pornography and sexual addiction issues, as well as other trauma and adversity-related issues, for employees and their families. Areas include resilience-building and prevention, detection, impact on the employee/job/business, and appropriate organizational response, including the creation of a Synergistic Response Team (SaRT). We can also assist employers and non-profit organizations that serve the community, with the establishment of their own effective support and recovery programs.  



We aim to provide written materials, one-to-one coaching and consulting, and group training and support, in-person and online. One specialization is the empowerment of loved ones, particularly spouses and parents, who in turn have the most potential to impact the lives of those who are at risk or already in addiction, marriages, and affected children and families. 



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