Proprietary Tools

Synergy Foundation is uniquely authorized to use several important proprietary tools and programs in the area of training and consulting, community and organizational response, recovery assistance to those affected by trauma (including trauma related to pornography and sexual addiction), and proactive development and resiliency buidling.


FTP – FTP stands for Fly the Plane, the brand name of a unique empowerment approach. FTP-related programs have been successfully extended to help all individuals who experience trauma of any kind, as well as for general resiliency training, and to proactively help people meet other personal and professional development goals.  

MATRIX – MATRIX is sometimes called the Expectations Matrix, a slight misnomer. Backed by sound research and know-how from multiple disciplines, it's a proprietary tool that helps people identify, differntiate among, and assess their needs, and match them to the appropriate resources, which are likewise evaluated. In-person training on the use of this tool is available for individuals, whether they've experienced significant crisis or are simply working toward proactive self-development.  MATRIX is a complement, not a competitor, to the work of various professionals and recovery programs, such as therapists, counselors, life coaches, religious leaders, etc. It helps individuals choose and work more effectively with available resources, understanding what to expect and how to appreciate each relationship. We currently have specific components for PTSD sufferers, and even more specifically, the partners/spouses of porn/sex addicts who deal with past or on-going trauma. 
SES – SES stands for Stabilization-Education-Strategy, and is our research-based template used to help the traumatized progress through these three interconnected stages, during or after crisis. (It is also what's used for FIRST RESPONSE to assist partners of addicts.) Stabilization involves validation, in some cases an acute safety checklist and/or at least rudimentary boundary-setting, and a variety of other exercises. It generally includes use of the MATRIX tool to begin needs-to-resources assessment. Timely success in this stage is critical. Education includes information and practical training about whatever specific issue is being faced, partly so that informed decisions can be made in a timely manner. Strategy is the phase in which the stabilized, informed individuals are trained in decision-making and the setting and pursuing of goals and objectives. These tasks are supported partly by the MATRIX results. SES helps make the difference between merely coping (often badly and while remaining at-risk) and actually overcoming challenges, between just surviving and thriving. 

SaRT – SaRT stands for Synergistic Response Team, and is a comprehensive model for methodically mapping out key players in a community or organization, along with their roles, responsibilities and interfacing, in order to help them work together to achieve the most effective and well-coordinated response possible to an issue. In the foundation's case, the issue is typically the ill effects of trauma upon individuals and families, including trauma related to sexual exploitation, addiction, and related sources of stress and familial discord. (Schools are also candidates to implement a SaRT,)



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