Most successful organizations recognize that employees tend to be both a key asset as well as a relatively large expense. Therefore, their well-being and development require a significant and well-placed investment, business-informed and psychology based, treating each individual as an integrated human being. Despite varying roles and responsibilities across professional and private life, essentially the same person with the same basic values and beliefs, skills, and priorities, comes in to work and goes back home. We carry our most important issues with us everywhere we go.

     Ten broad categories of damage are associated with porn usage, both for the person who engages with it, and also for his partner. These are: biological, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, legal, sexual, practical/logistical, and opportunity cost. Porn can affect essentially all aspects of a person’s life, especially given the fact that it is highly addictive. It becomes the absolute antithesis of efforts to educate, train, nurture, and develop people as people, as managers, or as other human resources.

     Many affected people are among the key resources in any sizable organization today. The effects of even well-hidden porn usage cost employers greatly in terms of lost productivity, distraction, accidents and mistakes, disloyalty, dishonesty, unsound decision-making, penalties from illegal activity, personal instability and absenteeism, damage to corporate reputation and identity, and a deterioration of key interpersonal relationships. Related sexual misconduct can result in the loss of valuable clients and employees, spoiled deals and missed opportunities, as well as costly lawsuits. Training and consulting on this issue help clarify why mere sexual harassment training does not solve the problem.  Due to the depth and breadth of its influence across all age groups today, employers cannot afford to ignore or downplay the porn issue any longer. It affects the bottom line too greatly.   

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