The presence of porn, whether hidden or exposed, is a problem for a couple, not only putting individuals at risk for harm, but the relationship itself at serious risk for destruction and break-up. As bad as porn is, there is hope, greatly because there is help. But not all resources are created equal. It's important to secure the right help, and to do so as early and as strategically as possible. Porn is highly addictive, and addictions escalate by nature. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of something worse happening that just creates additional obstacles for the couple to overcome. And some of that additional damage can be serious or irreparable. Furthermore, seeking help from an inappropriate resource can cause discouragement, setbacks, and additional harm. A feeling of helplessness exacerbates the associated trauma! Ignoring, dismissing, denying, downplaying, tolerating or accepting pornography all ultimately work to ensure that a relationship will be unhealthy or end. On the contrary, the right assistance can remove much of the guesswork and uncertainty from the process of overcoming porn, and can increase the odds of success for a salvageable relationship.  

We can help partners/couples determine if there is, indeed, a problem. We understand that porn-related symptoms overlap those of other issues, and the common concerns surrounding comorbidity. We can also help estimate how escalated along the continuum an addiction is likely to be. Our protocol and practical tools help partners mitigate damage and create a safer environment while addressing related issues, increase emotional stability, work on motivation, facilitate sobriety, learn about porn use and addiction to  stay one step ahead of anticipated behavior and patterns, overcome denial, bring their own details safely to light within the couple, maneuver through affected parenting and account for the impact on children, find and effectively utlize the best resources, and devise and execute their own strategy for overcoming porn and its devastating effects. Without sufficient experience-based guidance, couples may make great progress only to inadvertently sabotage their continued efforts after significant milestones! We can also advise and provide couples with the tools to help them move forward together through solid, long term recovery while effectively preventing relapse.


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